Lab News


September 2020 – Blood Cancer Discovery manuscript showing BCOR binding to MLL-AF9 is essential for leukemia via altered EYA1, MYC, and SIX activity (DOI: 10.1158/2643-3230.bcd-20-0036).

August 2020 – Oncotarget manuscript showing effects of CBFβ inhibitors on mammary epithelial cell identity (PMID 32655837).

June 2020 – Bushweller lab welcomes Ashish Kabra as a postdoc in the lab, working on structure-function studies as well as inhibitor development.

May 2020 – Journal of Molecular Biology manuscript on the intramembrane enzymes DsbB, DsbD, and CcdA (PMID 32305461).

May 2020 – Bushweller lab welcomes Sudhakar Athe as a postdoc in the lab, working in the medicinal chemistry area on inhibitors of the leukemia fusion protein AML1-ETO.


Sep 2019 – Nature Reviews Cancer manuscript on targeting transcription factor drivers in cancer (PMID 31511663).

Aug 2019 – Vet. Comp. Oncology manuscript showing CBFβ inhibitors are effective against canine osteosarcoma (PMID 31381810).

Aug 2019 – Leukemia manuscript showing CBFβ inhibitors synergize with lenalidomide to inhibit the growth of multiple myeloma cells (PMID 30760870).

Aug 2019 – Bushweller lab welcomes Hanuman Kalmode as a new postdoc in the lab, working in the medicinal chemistry area.

July 2019 – Blood manuscript showing CBFβ inhibitors are particularly effective against RUNX1 mutant leukemia cells (PMID: 31023702).

July 2019 – Bushweller lab welcomes Izabella Podsiadły as an exchange student from Poland, working in the protein biochemistry and structural biology area.

May 2019 – Bushweller lab welcomes Julien Pedron as a new postdoc in the lab, working in the medicinal chemistry area.

Feb 2019 – Adam Boulton completes his PhD work in our lab.


June 2018 – Cell paper on effects of the CBFb-SMMHC inhibitor AI-10-49 on MYC expression via altered occupancy of specific MYC enhancers (PMID 29958106).

May 2018 – Annie Carlton’s paper on effects of CBFβ inhibitors of ovarian cancer cell in Gynecological Oncology (PMID 29551565).

Apr 2018 – MDPhD student Annie Carlton completes the PhD portion of her degree.

Apr 2018 – Dr. Bushweller is an invited speaker at the Science2Startup conference in Cambridge, MA.

Jan 2018 – Yunpeng Zhou’s paper on the structure and mechanism of the 6 transmembrane helix transporter CcdA in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology (PMID 29379172).